interior and exterior wall coatings


When it comes to preparing your walls for the perfect coat, Impact Coatings provide you with a state-of-art experience using our range of high quality interior and exterior wall coating products.

Give your place a complete makeover with our coatings that provides high levels of abrasion resistance and produce a continuous and seamless finish onto vertical surfaces.

New at this and perplexed as to how it will all turn out? Brace yourself as we give you more reasons to choose us!

No one wants their walls to have damp patches! At Impact Coatings, we get this. Our coatings restricts dampness/seepage present in the wall and make it look like it was just prepared.

The change in color of the wall coatings is another problem, right? Not the case with our products as they are UV resistant and do not fade. Say goodbye to changing colors! They also hide the hair line cracks and undulations if present, on the wall.

When in mood to spray some water and be the Cleaning Brigade, go on! These coatings are washable and fungi-resistant. Our coatings also provide a homogeneous coat that can take any shape. So you don’t have to worry about the shape of the house!

We don’t discriminate between surfaces neither do our coating! Hence they can be applied on all absorbent surfaces.

Still not enough?

At Impact Coatings, we customize the range according to the customer’s requirement. We are always at your service by providing professional supervision on site at all times

Let’s start with a stroke here and a stroke there and seal the deal!


Painting testimonial by Vince:

Impact Coatings came through to torch-on waterproof and paint my home. With exceptional workmanship and a professional team, they helped me complete my dream home.

Painting testimonial by Jade:

A huge thanks to Impact Coatings for the wonderful service we received.

Impact coatings did painting work at my nursery school Gummi Gardens Daycare. The staff were so professional and friendly. They always had a smile on their faces and finished on time.

I would highly recommend Impact Coatings.

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